• Can I use the whole facility?
    We are fortunate enough to share our building with Copperhead CrossFit. Use of the CrossFit
    facility and equipment is a separate membership, although we offer discounts to those who join
    both. Membership in Gracie Arizona includes all of the grappling classes.


  • What are you operating times?

We are generally open 30 minutes prior to any scheduled class time but can be reached via
phone or email from 8am – 8pm.


  • Do you offer private lessons?

Absolutely. We offer several different options to help you along your journey in jiu jitsu.


  • Is there childcare for my children?
    Unfortunately, we do not provide childcare. We have a Kid’s Corner (a place to read, play
    games, or do homework), but children must be old enough to be unsupervised and maintain
    appropriate behavior.


  • How do I cancel my membership?

It’s very easy; just send an email to graciearizona@gmail.com asking us to cancel. We will reply
to your request to confirm your request has been received. While there are no long-term
contracts, there is a 30-day cancellation policy.


  • Can I bring my family members to the gym?
    Of course, we encourage it! You can bring as many family and friends as you would like – the
    first class is free for everyone.